About Osoyoos

Come to Osoyoos and see for yourself what all the hype is about!  We have something to offer year round for people of all ages and interests.  Wine-tasting at award-winning wineries in picture-perfect vineyards.  Golfing on spectacular championship courses.  Skiing "steep and deep" on local champagne powder.  Yoga on the soft sand of the sun-drenched beaches.  Swimming in the clear warm waters of Osoyoos Lake.  Learning the fascinating legends of the First Nations culture while studying the desert ecology at a world-class centre - don't miss the live rattlesnake shows!  Savouring fresh and innovative local culinary creations.  Eating juicy sweet fruit "just picked" at an orchard's quiet countryside stand.  Exploring the surrounding hills and mountains by foot or by horseback.  Experiencing bliss with a local lavender-infused massage at a health and beauty spa.  Shopping for unique treasures in quaint boutiques.  Romance, adventure, relaxation and inspiration - it's all yours to experience, year-round in Canada's hottest destination, with Canada's warmest welcome.

Did You Know?

Population of Osoyoos: 5, 115
Population of Area: 6, 200
Elevation: 227 m or 909 ft above sea leavel
Primary Industry: Agriculture and Tourism

Climate Facts

Hours of sunshine: 2039
Average January high: 0C or 32F
Average July high: 29C or 84F
Average Annual Rainfall:25 cm or 9.8 in
Average Annual Snowfall: 5.4 cm or 2.1 in

Loving the Lake

Osoyoos Lake is the liquid jewel of our region and the warmest freshwater lake in Canada.  Osoyoos Lake is legendary among many families and extended families, who have enjoyed the refreshing embrace of these waters for their summer holidays, year after year.

Take a dip in its shimmering waters, camp on its clean beaches, cruise or sail your boat.  Partake in your favourite watersport: waterskiing, wakeboarding, wakesurfing or kneeboarding...it's all here.

The Diverse Desert

We love the fact that Osoyoos is in an area known as Canada's "pocket desert"...Canada's only desert!  What that means is a comfortable, warm climate, very little rain or snow (12 inches or 30.5 cm a year), and a fascinating landscape full of unique flora and fauna.

Drought-tolerant shrubs like antelope brush and sagebrush dominate the habitat along with a variety of bunch grasses.  From early spring through fall, the Antelope Brush Ecosystem, which is one of the four endangered ecosystems in Canada, features an ever-changing display of flowering plants.

Rare Wildlife

The South Okanagan is home to an incredible variety of wildlife, including about 190 bird species (half of the Canadian total) and B.C.'s highest diversity of reptiles including six species of snakes: Western Rattlesnake, Night Snake, Rubber Boa, Race, Gopher Snake and Garter Snake.  A large percentage of endangered and threatened vertebrates in the province live here.  Some species, like the ghostly pale pallid bat are found nowhere else in Canada.  Others, including more than 20 kinds of insects and spiders, are found nowhere else in the world.

Less than 9 percent of this unique Antelope Brush Ecosystem remains relatively undisturbed.  As it vanishes, so does the wildlife.  Some of the animals once found here, like the white-tailed jack rabbit, are now gone.

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