Local Fruit & Vegetables

The Cornucopia Capital

A bag of sweet, plump dark cherries gobbled to satisfaction.  Juicy succulent peaches bursting with flavour, juice dribbling down the chin.  Crisp, flavourful apples, presenting a mouthful of goodness in dozens of varieties.  The abundance of fresh, locally grown fruit and vegetables is what composes many people's happy memories when they think of the Okanagan, both past and present.  Be forewarned - once you've tasted the fruits and vegetables grown in Osoyoos, you won't want to eat anything else!

As Osoyoos is the hot spot of the Okanagan and Canada, this is where the fruit ripens first: harvest starts in late June.  Here you're going to enjoy the peak of sublime Okanagan fruits and vegetables in their perfect climate and terroir.  Visit Market on Main, every Saturday in the late Spring and Summer or hit the local fruit stands to pick up the best of the harvest.  While you're there, pick up some of the jams, pickled vegetables and homemade fruit pies.

Tree Fruit Blossom & Harvest Time

Fruit    Blossom Time        Harvest Time
Cherries Mid April Late June - Early July
Apricots Early April Mid July - Early August
Peaches Mid April Mid July - Early August
Pears Mid April August - September
Prunes/Plums     Mid April Mid August - Mid September
Apples Late April August - Late October