It is no secret that the South Okanagan is home to some of the world's most renowned wineries and wines.  Appreciators of the grape from all over the world visit us year-round to enjoy our wine festivals and seek that ideal winery experience and favourite vintages.  Every winery is a unique experience in itself, whether it is a cozy family-owned farm gate enterprise or a stunning architectural and cultural gem that boasts international awards for their wines.

What makes a wine great...or a personal favourite?  It starts with the grape variety, the soil of the vineyard, the harvest year and the climate.  Our region has an ideal climate for wine grape-growing.  Beyond that, it is the methods used to create the wine and the talents of the winemaker.  Plus there is the lingering memory of the winery experience, the people, the facilities, that rush of tasting for the first time.

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