Osoyoos and the South Okanagan are an ideal location for night time stargazers. Here you’ll find dark skies perfect for spotting the planets, stars and galaxies. There are many spots around Osoyoos to view the night skies, be it off a meandering country road in the valley, or from the heights of a hill. All you need is a pair of binoculars, perhaps a telescope, a warm coat, and a thermos of coffee.

Astronomers from amateur to professional ascend Mount Kobau in August for the yearly Mount Kobau Star Party. From this mile-high summit the heaven-gazing is resplendent. Visit:

You might also want to stay at The Observatory B&B located on Anarchist Mountain. Built and run by accomplished astronomer Jack Newton and his wife Alice, guests are treated to an introductory tour of the night skies through a 16-inch computer-controlled telescope housed in their roof-top observatory and morning observing of the Sun through H-alpha filters.

Reserve well in advance – this is a popular accommodation of choice for star gazers!