Autumn Activities

Extended summers and beautiful autumns.

In Osoyoos, we are lucky enough to have extended summers. When the summer comes to an end for the rest of Canada and the autumn begins, we are still experiencing warm, sunny days for at least another month. The busy days of July and August are gone and the atmosphere is quieter and peaceful. It’s warm enough for all the water activities like boating, kayaking, stand up paddling and it’s the perfect weather for outdoor activities like golf, tennis, hiking and biking.Many visitors choose to wait until September (or come in June) to avoid the summer crowds, enjoy the beautiful weather and just relax.

Autumn is harvest time. Crisp apples, juicy pears, Italian prunes, fresh crisp salad greens and mounds of brightly colored squash are just a few of the things you can find here in the Autumn. Stop by one of our many fruit stands to pick up some local, fresh produce or a homemade fruit pie.Take a day (or two!) to tour the many wineries in our area, sample the wines and take in the beautiful views of vineyards and valley as the colors are changing. The autumn is also ideal for fishing, birdwatching and gazing at the starry skies on our clear, fall nights.

Autumn Temperatures

Month Sept Oct Nov
Record High °C (°F) 35.0 (95.0) 28.9 (84.0) 21.1 (70.0)
Average high °C (°F) 23.6 (74.5) 15.8 (60.4) 6.9 (44.4)
Average low °C (°F) 8.8 (47.8) 3.7 (38.7) 0.0 (32.0)