Spirit Beach Cantina

Spirit Beach Cantina is a hidden gem of Osoyoos. Located on the shores of Nk’Mip RV Park, Spirit Beach Cantina is the only beachfront patio serving an array of Mexican cuisine, perfect for a beach vacation!

Spirit Beach Cantina is open for…

Cafes & Takeout

Terrafina Restaurant at Hester Creek by RauDZ

Terrafina’s 47 seat restaurant provides an intimate setting with the old brick features, existing wooden pillars and iron chandelier inside.

With an additional 24 seats on our patio that is surrounded by gardens and covered with lush vines, it not only captures…


The Restaurant at Watermark

The Restaurant at Watermark is an intimate environment in which people can share a casual evening with friends enhanced by fine wines in a comfortable ambiance, or an intimate dinner for two. We invite you to come and discover unique regional…


Wildfire Grill

Wildfire Grill pairs delicious food made from fresh ingredients with exquisite local wines. Savour the warm and inviting atmosphere inside the restaurant, or enjoy the beautiful Osoyoos weather as you eat on the patio. The knowledgeable, friendly staff can provide great…