Exclusive Artist Dinner: Wu Ching Ru @ The Restaurant at Phantom Creek

  • Event Cost: $245.00 + tax / gratuity

Indulge in an enchanting evening alongside the visionary artist Wu Ching Ru, creator of the wineries landmark masterpiece “Pro Terra et Natura,” at the esteemed Restaurant at Phantom Creek.

Set amidst the picturesque vineyards, this exclusive event is a harmonious fusion of artistry and culinary excellence. Relish locally inspired gastronomic wonders meticulously crafted by the ingenious Chef Alessa Valdez.

Phantom Creek warmly invites you to a night of unparalleled intimacy and allure. The ambiance resonates with the essence of Wu Ching Ru’s art, transporting you into a realm where nature’s beauty is interwoven with human creativity.

Join us for this truly exceptional dinner, where every dish, conversation, and brushstroke creates a symphony of sensations, etching memories that shall linger for a lifetime.

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Tickets +19, $245