RISING STARS OF SOSS ​Spring Youth Music Showcase @ Venables Theatre

Event Dates:
  • Thu April 20, 2023 7:30 PM
  • Event Cost: 15

Come on out to enjoy the incredibly talented students of Southern Okanagan Secondary School as the latest artists featured in the  Venables Alive local artist series.

Maya Baerg is a grade 10 student at Southern Okanagan Secondary School who has been singing for several years and has been part of the cast of the school’s two most recent musical productions. Maya is an equestrian and an artist who’s always got a project on the go.

McKenna Burns has been singing and acting in musical productions at SOSS for the past three years. Currently completing grade 11, McKenna is also passionate about athletics.

Emma Cottam has been playing acoustic guitar for the past few years, learning a variety of different genres of music—old and new. A grade 9 student, she is interested in expanding her repertoire of instruments to include bass and drums. Emma also enjoys playing basketball when she’s not making music.

Olivia Goncalves, a grade 9 student, started singing and playing acoustic guitar when she was seven. She’s drawn to pop, ballads, and acoustic music. Since arriving at Southern Okanagan Secondary, Olivia has acted in its two most recent theatre productions. She also plays on the school’s ultimate and field hockey teams.

For the past year, Maya Kriesel has been taking voice lessons to hone her singing skills. She enjoys a wide variety of music genres. Maya, grade 8, also competes on volleyball and basketball teams.

​Ethan Pearle, currently in grade 10, started playing guitar and song writing 6 years ago. He is influenced by punk and alternative rock, rap, and pop music. He enjoys playing hockey and spending time with friends when he isn’t writing his next song.

Ezra Toon, a grade 8 student, found his way onto the stage in this year’s SOSS musical production. He has been singing and playing a variety of instruments from a young age, and he hopes to continue down a performance arts path.