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Mural of waterskiier and stylised "Osoyoos"

Explore the Murals of Osoyoos, BC

Osoyoos, BC has no shortage of beautiful attractions and iconic art pieces to enjoy while exploring the area. But a new art scene has been emerging as of late, adding an even brighter splash of colour while capturing the lively character and history of Osoyoos. Here is a guide to the beautiful murals of Osoyoos and where to find them!

85th Street, between Main St and 78th Ave, downtown Osoyoos

Picture of building with colourful postcard-style paintings on the side.

This mural was unveiled in late November 2021 as a commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of Osoyoos, from 1946-2021. ⁠⁠You can find it along the back side of the Field’s building, accessed via the 85th street plaza.
As a cultural montage of the town’s history, the artwork was designed to incorporate the First Nations, Portuguese, and Indo-Canadian communities that have helped Osoyoos grow, as well as the French-Canadian and Hispanic seasonal workers who play a huge role in the harvest each year. The postcards also showcase the landscape of the region with its many orchards, vineyards, mountains, and lakes.⁠⁠

Close up of colourful postcards painted on the side of the building.

The postcards mural was an initiative by the Rotary Club of Osoyoos, in partnership with Wide Arts National Association, and painted by Okanagan-based artist Endrené Shepherd.

85th Street, between Main St and 74a Ave, downtown Osoyoos

Photo of street alongside a building with 5 photos on the side.

A short walk south, just across Main Street, you’ll find a treasure trove of Osoyoos history along the side of the much-loved Osoyoos Home Hardware. Commissioned by the store’s owners, Frances and Larry Sologuk, this one consists of 5 pieces of artwork paying tribute to the town’s past and pioneers.

The murals were created from historical photos borrowed from the Osoyoos Museum, featuring a cabin on Osoyoos Lake, Main Street in the 1930s, the first Osoyoos Cherry Carnival, the original Osoyoos hardware store, and a sign with the Town of Osoyoos’ former tagline and bragging rights – “the earliest fruit in Canada”.

The unveiling, back in 2016, was a 1930s-themed garden party style event with costumed guests, accompanied by the South Okanagan Big Band.

85th Street & 78th Ave, downtown Osoyoos

Photo of Royal Canadian Legion Hall in Osoyoos with a large Canadian flag painted on the front, flanked by two soldier silhouettes.

The Royal Canadian Legion Number 173 hall is a beautiful 1940’s era art deco building, and its previously white & blue facade made a perfect canvas for a tribute to our nation’s veterans. Painted by locally-based artist Mavik in September 2021, in honour of the poppy’s 100th anniversary, the front and side of the hall is now a bold and beautiful reminder of those who served Canada in times of war, military conflict, and peace. ⁠⁠

Side of the Osoyoos Legion Hall with mural featuring poppies and silhouettes of airplanes and soldiers.

While you can easily see the artwork from Main Street, it’s really worth a close up look at the colours and details, especially the landscape of the battle of Vimy Ridge along the side of the building. It’s hard not to feel a little emotional!

Spartan Drive, between Main St & 78th Ave, downtown Osoyoos

This vibrant and beautiful mural is literally a hidden gem in downtown Osoyoos – tucked into the alley just around the corner from Art Therapy Corp and Wide Arts Gallery. It’s definitely worth a stop, as these wings make for the perfect photo op.

The piece was painted by artist Adi Di Castro (featured in the photo below) in partnership with Wide Arts, and was installed in April 2022.

(Note – as this is an active alley way, please take care when posing for photos and watch for vehicles!)

74th Ave, just west of Highway 3, downtown Osoyoos

Mural that says Osoyoos with a different image in each letter, and a water skiier prominently featured.

Visible from Highway 3, downtown, this bright, beautiful mural adorns the side of the Pioneer Car Wash building. Also created by Mavik, the vintage styling and very Osoyoos-specific imagery contained in each of the letters beautifully capture the sun-soaked vibes of this beachside resort town.

Mural of the word Osoyoos with cars parked nearby

Another one also completed in November 2021, this piece has proven itself very Instagram-worthy, and has placed itself as an Osoyoos icon.

68th Ave & 85th Street, Osoyoos

The red and sage green front of the Sonora Community Centre with the mosaic mural out front.

The brightly coloured Sonora Community Centre is a centrepiece for the community in more ways than one. 

The Osoyoos Portuguese Commemorative Mural was unveiled on the front of the Sonora Community Centre in 2009 as a monument to the local Portuguese families and their contribution to the economic growth and development of Osoyoos and the South Okanagan. Made up of 400 tiles, the mural was created by local artists Katie Foster and George Mocci, and depicts Portuguese orchard workers picking apples in their Osoyoos orchard.

A close up of the mosaic mural featuring a painting of an orchardist picking apples.

The mural project was initiated by the Osoyoos Arts Council to commemorate and celebrate these entrepreneurs, and was incidentally a bit of a pioneer itself, coming in at the forefront of the mural scene in Osoyoos.