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Dolci Thai

Eating is one of the most social aspects of Thai life; so much so that when friends meet in Thailand the first question they ask each other is ‘have you eaten yet?’ This reflects the enthusiasm of the Thai people for sharing good food, which is an important part of Thai culture. That enthusiasm is the main ingredient in the food served at Dolci Thai. Our restaurant is fully licensed, featuring Singha beer from Thailand and a wine list especially chosen for its compatibility with the food we serve.

Dolci Thai is a small, family run restaurant dedicated to bringing you genuine Thai food in clean, beautiful and modern, surroundings. At Dolci Thai we pride ourselves on providing our guests with modern fusion cuisine, and the ultimate dining experience, like no other.

Growing up surrounded by the exotic flavours and aromas of Thai cooking from her family’s restaurant in Bangkok, Leena is excited to share her love of making delicious homemade meals with you and your guests. Our caring and committed staff will ensure you are served with the utmost care and attention and ensure you experience only the most authentic taste of Thailand.

At Dolci Thai we embrace the idea of a small simple menu that focuses on quality, while still providing a good variety of dishes that compliment each other. Combine that with our friendly service and you will feel like you are in Thailand.

Do you have dietary concerns? Questions about an upcoming event? Drop us a line, and we’ll get back to you soon! Our menu items can be vegetarian, no MSG; and if you have any food allergies please just let us know.

Visit our website for details of our menu, and visit us at Dolci Thai Bistro in downtown Osoyoos and enjoy our hospitality and the taste of Thailand.