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Kozo Cafe

Kozo Cafe

After running a Japanese restaurant for 7 years in Squamish BC, owner Hiro decided to move with his family to Osoyoos and experiment with quite a different style compared to typical Japanese restaurants. Their new menu is more health conscious but offers many delicious options!

A word from Hiro:

2001 was the year I emigrated to Canada.  By this time Japanese restaurants were widespread and adaptations of Japanese cuisine well known – if not pop culture.  Despite this success I could see the hype was fading, trading in for normality.

Japanese cuisines had a good chance to establish but they would have to compete as mainstream staples moving forward. New flavours and cultural influences were rising interests. The food tv phenomenon was heading towards it’s peak in the coming years and tastebuds sought further world travel.

Sushi restaurants represent an import success story, more widely enjoyed than ever! The adventure of Sushi in the West continues bringing its ability to wow with great textures, great flavours and terrific visual design. Truly an opportunity to eat with your eyes!

“Healthy diet” lifestyle trends inspire constant growth and change in the food industry.  Fusions and adaptations emerge.  Sushi evolves in unison.  I think it’s great that more than ever healthy food and reduced demand on the environment are concepts affecting peoples’ decisions.  These are thoughtful steps toward a better future!  The educated eater benefits in many ways now, and we all benefit later.

As a foodie, father and entrepreneur I’m committed toward this balance.  I see a chance to contribute to the world my children inherit.  The goal is to present my case through great flavour!  Canada’s diverse culinary appreciation and food culture continues to mature.  Here to play my part!

To order please call us. We don’t take order by email or Facebook message.

Phone ; 250-495-2330

Address ; 8143 Main St, Osoyoos, V0H 1V0