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Best places to see fall colours in Osoyoos

Autumn is a spectacular time in Osoyoos as the weather cools down and the leaves change colour.

The South Okanagan Valley surrounding the town becomes covered in pockets of red, orange and yellow leaves, creating a vibrant and awe-inspiring landscape.

With the vineyards, orchards, forests, ranch country, and desert hills becoming a tapestry of colours, only seen at this time of year, we’ve pulled together some of the best places to see those stunning fall colours around Osoyoos.

Anarchist Mountain

The lookout that offers that iconic view of Osoyoos during the summer months continues to provide beauty into the fall.

The elevation offers a perfect vantage point to see the entire town enveloped in the colours of the season due to the nearby vineyards and foliage.

sẁiẁs Provincial Park (Haynes Point)

The trees that populate sẁiẁs Provincial Park are picturesque at any time of year, but they light up in fall.

A walk through the park or along the beach offers incredible views of gold and yellow, not just of the park but of the shorelines visible across the lake.

McIntyre Bluff

A little bit of a further trek from Osoyoos, McIntyre Bluff gives one of the best views of the South Okanagan Valley.

Much like Anarchist Mountain, the higher vantage point gives an all-encompassing view of the fall colours as far as the eye can see.

Vineyards & Orchards

As the season changes, we highly recommend stopping by one of the many wineries or orchards.

The changing leaves on the vines or in the trees create incredible canopies or the perfect backdrop for photos too!

Pioneer Walkway

A stroll along the Pioneer Walkway is the perfect activity on a crisp fall morning.

On a calm day, the trees that wrap around the lake light up the shoreline and create a reflection you won’t want to miss!

Gyro Park

Gyro Park is another great place for a fall walk and is sprinkled with trees that change colours in the fall season.

From Gyro, the north side of the lake will present itself in all her scarlet, gold, and amber glory.