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Fall Bakeries and Cafes

Delicious fall offerings from Osoyoos’ cafés and bakeries

Fall brings a lot of changes.

The leaves change colour, the weather changes temperature, people change their wardrobes and best of all, cafes and bakeries change their menus.

Once a year, we are treated to the fall harvest, which allows for wondrous creativity and unique offerings when it comes to the products available at coffee shops and bakeries.

Here in Osoyoos, baristas and bakers have gone into the lab and concocted new ideas that are only seen over the autumn months, and we customers get to benefit from the deliciousness.

Here is a list of some of the new items available to either warm you up or fill your belly this season.

Lake Village Bakery

Fall Bakeries and Cafes
Lake Village Bakery / Instagram

At Lake Village Bakery, customers can expect to find Pumpkin and Pomme-Kin (apple-pumpkin) Pies and Apple Galettes available this week. Both of these sweet treats are made with real butter crust and all-organic, local produce.

The bakery will be closing down for a few weeks until October 19th, but when it re-opens, it’ll be moving into the making of “spooky treats” as Halloween approaches. Anyone looking for something spooktacular can expect to find Spooky Sponge Toffee, Frankenstein Cupcakes, Pumpkin hand pies, Halloween Sugar Cookies, and Peanut Brittle.

Next month, we can all look forward to the creation of Linzer cookies using Rad Jamz Blueberry-Vanilla jam, Earl-Grey Snickerdoodle Cookies and Spiced Plum Shortcake as well!

Is your mouth watering yet?

Sugar Quail Bake Shop

Sugar Quail Bake Shop / Instagram

At the Sugar Quail Bake Shop, a collection of seasonal pies are available as of this week! Of course apple pies and pumpkin pies are being pumped out but customers will also find mini pumpkin cheesecake topped with whipped cream. For the savoury fans out there, Sugar Quail also has Sage, Celery and Onion bread that “tastes like stuffing.”

The Bake Shop has also been actively making seasonal pastries and desserts and just recently dropped two new jams: Spicy Nectarine and Plum!

JoJo’s Café

Three words: Pumpkin Spiced Lattes.

The very popular fall drink will most certainly grace the counters of JoJo’s Cafe this fall, much to the coffee drinkers’ delight — a drink that reigns supreme at this time of year.

It is the time of year when we will see the menu change from bright, zesty flavours to warm, comforting herbs and spices.

We recommend stopping by JoJo’s and trying all things chai during autumn as well. The combination of seasonal spices mixed into chai drinks can range from cinnamon to ginger to cloves and of course cardamom. A Chai tea from JoJo’s this season is guaranteed to warm the soul.

Fall also calls for hints of crisp apple and sweet maple when it comes to specialty drinks.

Junction 3 Coffee House

Courtesy: Junction 3 Coffe House

Unlike JoJo’s Cafe, Junction 3 Coffee House offers a different tasting experience — seats on their outdoor patio.

The sun fins have been taken down for the season and Junction 3 will soon set up their clear patio domes, which make for the perfect seating space to catch up with a friend. The patio also gets decorated with fruits and vegetables from the harvest in order to create a nice fall ambiance.

Oh ya, in addition to the patio, you still get to enjoy that perfect cup of joe or all those specialty drinks that come with fall.