POSTPONED- The Black Bonspiel of Wullie MacCrimmon by W.O.Mitchell

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Live Theatre – Comedy

The Black Bonspiel is set in the fictional rural town of Wildrose, Alberta in the mid-1930s.

Wullie MacCrimmon, a widower, is the town’s shoe-maker, but like a good Scot he lives to curl. In fact, curling is “his only active religion”. He and his rink are so expert that he attracts the attention of the Devil himself, who comes to Wildrose and makes Wullie an offer hard to resist. The Devil (a keen curler himself – and how they keep good ice in hell is fully explained) promises Wullie that he’ll win the Brier — if on his death Wullie will undertake to come and curl in hell for him in the Celestial Brier.

Wullie makes the Faustian deal — but with the proviso that he will save his soul if he and his Wild Rose rink can beat the Devil’s rink in a challenge match. And so, Willie and his friends — with the help of the Reverend Pringle — take on the Devil’s crew of Judas Iscariot, Macbeth and Guy Fawkes in the most crucial curling match of all time, a matter of after-life and death.

This is a fine, old-fashioned, funny story, firmly set in the Canadian prairies, as you’d expect from W. O. Mitchell. You might even call it a sweeping saga.