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Know Before You Go: Find links to weather and live webcams, driving conditions, and more for Osoyoos.

Explore the Osoyoos-Oliver Fruit Stand Trail

One of the first things that comes to mind when thinking about the South Okanagan is the bountiful fruit.

The fruit found across the region is grown to perfection, from apples so juicy that they drip down your chin when you bite into them to clusters of bright red cherries that will fill you up on a summer’s day.

It is an absolute must when visiting the Osoyoos area to stop by one of the numerous fruit stands to shop the fresh produce as you will not be disappointed.

Although driving along any of the major highways will most certainly lead you to one of these fruit stands, we’ve pulled together a map, marking the locations between Osoyoos and Oliver worth visiting!

**It should be noted that while many of the fruits will be similar, each location offers its own specialty products, whether it is food options, fresh juice, hot sauces or spices etc. Therefore, it is worth stopping at more than one location to explore what each place has to offer!**

Additionally, if you are looking for the best time of the season to track down certain fruits, we’ve pulled together a rough harvest schedule to help you.

Best Time To Buy:

Cherries – Early July to Early August

Peaches – Late July to Early Sept

Plums – Late April to Mid May

Apricots – Mid-July to Mid-August

Pears – Mid-August to Late Sept

Apples – Mid-August to Late October

Listings of Fruit Stands between Osoyoos & Oliver

A & B Fruit Market
Aujla Farm Market
Brar Fruit Stand & Orchards
C&C Family Orchards
Fernandes Fruit Market
Fortunato Fruits
Fruit’s Heaven Market
Hillside Orchards
Nature’s Basket
Oliver Garden & Fruit Market
Orchard Hill Estate Cidery & Fruit Market
Osoyoos Farmers’ Market
Osoyoos Fruit Basket
Osoyoos Fruit Market
Peach Hill Farm Market
Road 7 Country Fruit Market
Souto Farms
Sunview Market
Van Kalkeren Fruit