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Reserve your Tasting Experience

Inspired by the award winning Okanagan winemaker Michael Bartier, Bartier Bros. Wines are an earnest expression of the Okanagan Valley’s geography, history and people. The Valley’s ethos dictates a proud resilience, optimism and self-reliance where the hallmark qualities of hard work and contentment reign.

Inspiration is always useful, and the valley has it in spades, but it is the fundamental work ethic that has always fulfilled this inspiration. So it should come as no great surprise to learn it is the indefatigable dedication to the work itself that drives the Bartier Bros’ farming and winegrowing philosophy.

We’re from this Valley. We grew up here, we know it, we love it, we are a product of it and we feel responsible to it. Our wines are an expression of the valley, being true to the language that can describe any aspect of the Okanagan; bright, fresh, refreshing, pristine, unspoiled, alive and so on . . .

Our ambition is to make great wines. Great wine can be found all over the world but it’s important for us not to merely copy those wines because by definition, great wine is unique and identifiable to its origin. Of course, great wine also by definition should be delicious. In the Okanagan Valley, we have a rare and precious combination of growing conditions; relatively high altitude, desert climate (hot days, cool nights), low humidity, tolerable winters from our moderating lakes, young soils lain over glacial till and all of this occurs at a very high latitude from the equator. The Okanagan epitomizes all of the great qualities, which the entire global wine industry scrambles to define itself as being.

The Bartier Bros., are two brothers, who between them had a vineyard, business expertise, viticulture experience, an accountant, a winemaker, and most importantly, an abiding respect for their Valley and the desire to represent it well.

Tasting Bar Experience

Join us at the tasting bar and taste some of our most popular wines. This experience is a great way to get an introduction to our winery and the wines we make. A reservation is not required, but is highly recommended.

Your experience includes our daily selection of four wines for $5 per person; non-refundable. Complimentary for Club Members and their guests (up to 6 guests total).

Seated Tasting Experience

Sit-back and relax while you are guided through some of our most popular wines during a seated tasting on our patio. Learn about our history, winemaking & viticulture.

Your experience includes our daily selection of five wines  and a mini charcuterie or charcuterie for $20 per person (non-refundable). Club Members receive 2 complimentary seated tastings per visit.

Bring your own picnic and enjoy our lovely picnic area surrounded by vineyard. Picnic table reservations are for 1 hour.  A $10 reservation fee books one table for a maximum of 6 guests (includes minors and DD’s).

If you would like to to do a tasting as well please make a separate reservation for before or after your picnic.

The $10 fee is credited towards your Bartier Bros wine purchase.



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