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Desert Hills Estate Winery

Desert Hills Estate Winery

Desert Hills began when three brother’s began to imagine the adjacent orchard as a vineyard, their vineyard, from which their learned craft of wine growing on the Black Sage Bench would prosper….

And over a decade later, that property became theirs, and such was the beginning of the Desert Hills Estate Winery. It may be easy to see their inspiration now, standing amongst the rows in the Estate Vineyard, but it was a shared vision that could only be successfully achieved with a thorough understanding of the sandy soils of this unique pocket desert.

“We planted the first Syrah vines in the South Okanagan, on our Estate “Three Boys Vineyard” and now farm two other vineyards on the Black Sage Bench. With a total of five vineyards and over 70 acres under vine, we craft wines that are representative of the terroir, with a balanced elegance that can only be achieved through a seamless collaboration between wine growing and wine making.” –The Toor Brothers

Today, each vineyard still resonates with its own sound, and our tree – it symbolizes the realization of the brothers’ carefully nurtured dream and the abundance which can spring forth from this desert terroir.