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Our winery may be yellow in colour but our entire site is truly ‘green’. You won’t see any wires running to our buildings because we are 100% off the grid! Our goal at our winery is to deliver our wines to the public in a relaxed, almost carefree manner but to also convey how serious we are about making really good wine. What do you do after you decide to leave successful careers but are too young to retire? Naturally you buy a vineyard and start building a small winery.

We built our buildings to help convey our overall message – ” we are having some fun here”. We really wanted a welcoming, relaxed and friendly vibe. The yellow buildings do just that – yellow is a happy colour and we wanted it to beckon our guests in from the busy Black Sage Road.

Once inside, we hope you will find a cool space that is calming with its white walls, tall ceilings and minimal decoration. Take a seat at the tasting bar and allow us to share our wines with you. Beware – we are a nosy bunch and we will be asking you where you’re from, which wineries you have visited and where you’re going next. We will ask what you do for work, how many children you have and what they do…you get the idea.

Also, we are not shy to talk about ourselves and have been known to go on and on about how we came to own a winery, what we did before, how old our children are and what they are doing. And even without being prompted, we will tell you the story of how and why we named our winery Here’s The Thing Vineyards.

Before we officially opened our doors, we threw a friends/family/construction crew party to say thank you to everyone who had helped us along our journey. The highlight for us was the surprise visit from some members of Kwantlen First Nation – my siblings and I are members of Kwantlen – achieving our First Nations status through our Mother’s heritage. They arrived in a group and started singing and drumming their way into our party and we have to admit, it took our breath away! They blanketed Jamie and I (a huge honour) and did a few more songs for us. Then, Chief Marilyn Gabriel said a few words expressing Kwantlen’s happiness for us and their pride that one of their members had opened a winery. It was truly moving and Jamie and I will never forget this beautiful gesture.

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