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Levia Wellness Spa

Levia Wellness Spa

Levia Wellness Spa is a creation made by Leanna Stevenot and Sylvia Calado. Our name Levia is an infusion of ourselves and has a Hebrew meaning of “combined forces.”

Together we have given life to our business by combining our forces of passion, creativity, gratitude, joy, knowledge, experience, and self love.

Experience zero gravity with a mind and body rejuvenating session. Leave all stressors behind and step into our float pod for a relaxing 90 minutes of calm.

Every experience is different as you are left to interpret your float and your thoughts as they come and go.

With 1000 lbs of dissolved salt to hold you up in the water you are able to feel completely weightless, the solution is kept at body temperature so you feel one with your surroundings. Improve your mental and physical health by becoming a float expert, the more you float the better each session becomes.

Rain drop therapy is a combination of reflexology, vitaflex, and massage techniques using specific essential oils along the spine. This treatment is great for stress relief, inflammation, detoxification, pain relief, and enhances immunity. The essential oils used in this treatment continue to work in the body for five to seven days after treatment as the healing and detoxification continues.

Tandem Facial and Foot Reflexology enjoy two treatments at the same time providing you with ultimate relaxation, a treatment fit for a king or queen.

Melt away in our couples room with a detoxifying herbal bath soak paired with organic wine tasting followed by relaxation massages.

Levia spa treatments are designed to be “Farm to Treatment Table.” Using home grown herbs prioritizing in lavendar, rosemary, mint and sage, all scrubs are in house blended with Himalayan salt and organic raw sugar. Levia treatments incorporate the use of the ancient jade stone, this stone is believed to bring wisdom, balance and peace, relieving anxiety and lightening emotions.

Our goal is to create a genuine experience to balance your inner peace and sustain your inner beauty. With attention to detail, creativity, the use of fresh herbs, and natures bountiful minerals we feel confident that your journey at Levia will brighten your soul and open your heart.

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