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Our stewardship over this special place extends to our farming practices; with care and precision, Ramification produces exceptional wines that celebrate and speak to where they are grown through site selection, viticulture, and winemaking. All the grapes are grown right here on the estate and shepherded with care from vine to bottle.

The Ramification team champions the power of the estate vineyard, the maintenance of regional personality, and varietal integrity, an approach that is vital to our on-going success and viability. Every inch of this place, from carefully tended vineyard to our minimalist facilities is the winery’s commitment to making quality wines that connect people to place.

The combination of being located near the 49th parallel and the proximity to Vaseux Lake provides a cool and extended growing season. The Coast Range also plays a pivotal role by providing the rain shadow barrier that keeps our region drier. Celebrated for its ideal climate that draws in cool breezes from Vaseux Lake (our natural air conditioning), this special place produces wines with bright fruit, delicate texture, and pure varietal flavours, while retaining optimal natural acidity—qualities that are ideal for making delicious Pinot Gris, and exceptional Pinot Noir.

The vineyard is blessed with a fertile and healthy ecosystem, which is beneficial to growing exceptional wine grapes. Not easy to draw stylistically, the wines of Ramification Cellars are neither Old World nor New World, but uniquely our own. The term “Next World” describes them well.

This quality-focused winemaking venture sources fruit from the winery’s estate vineyard, located 7 km south of Okanagan Falls on Highway 97. The vineyard is a prime viticultural site that benefits from a unique combination of geology, climate and geography that curiously also supports a unique ecosystem of diverse habitats. The area extends from wetlands and riparian thickets to the surrounding arid terraces and rugged hillsides, home to Canada’s highest species diversity; it’s bird lover’s paradise with an abundant wildlife population.

A signature drawing of a ram’s head provides the unmistakable identity of the Ramification range.

Visit us in beautiful Okanagan Wine Country, British Columbia. Our tasting room is located at 3500 Highway 97, just 7 km south of the village of Okanagan Falls, come for a full tasting of our wines. Bring a picnic and join us on our tranquil lakeside location for lunch.

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