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Road 13 Vineyards is a family owned and operated winery located on the Golden Mile Bench in Oliver, BC. The winery has a short yet colourful past and continually receives ongoing critical acclaim for making white, red and rosé varietals that are a quintessential expression of Okanagan Valley terroir. Accolades continue to pour in for Road 13 Vineyards who claim the success is “All About the Dirt.” In 2016, Road 13 Vineyards took third place in Wine Align’s National Wine Awards having maintained a spot in Wine Align’s top 10 for the past eight years.

At Road 13, it’s ‘all about the dirt’ so let’s dig right in. Some of the Road 13 vineyards were planted as early as 1965. In fact, our Chenin Blanc vines are some of the oldest in North America!

Although the vineyards and the winery have changed hands several times over the last 50 years, we are proud to be family owned and have grown to be one of the top wineries in Canada thanks to some hard work and good dirt.

We believe that great wines start with good dirt. We farm all 74km of our vineyards, one-vine-at-a-time to create beautiful wines you’ll want to savour. The diversity of our dirt is part of what makes our wines so delicious! Let’s dig in!


Native to Oliver, Ponderosa is greyish-brown sandy loam with angular gravel throughout. This soil is high in nutrients allowing for rapid, vibrant growth. Does this make our vines planted in this soil more high maintenance? Yes! But it also makes for amazing, high-quality fruit and we love that.

This stony, gravel-like soil with sandy loam can be found dominant in our Black Sage Bench vineyard. Also known as ‘the beach’, this soil drains quickly due to its low water-holding capacity. Vines planted in this soil struggle and that’s a good thing. All that struggle makes for clusters with concentrated flavour and that means great wine!

This soil is rich in calcium and extremely free-draining making it harder to farm but easier to fine-tune by varietal. We have to pay extra close attention to the vines in this dirt but it’s worth it. The minerality of the soil is reflected in our wines because we let the vines take the lead and then we give them what they need.

That’s the deal on the dirt. All that’s left to do is try the wine! What are you waiting for?

Located in the heart of the South Okanagan, on the Golden Mile Bench, at Road 13 we guarantee service with a smile and a million-dollar view. We can’t wait to give you a taste of this magic place. Visit us and experience for yourself why “It’s All About the Dirt!”

In addition to the award-winning wines, Road 13 Vineyards is a destination in itself, offering guests two unique experiences: feature tastings in the “Castle,” or a more leisurely tasting of the entire Road 13 wine portfolio in the Executive Lounge. Visitors are encouraged to stay a while and bring a picnic to eat whilst enjoying the stunning views of the Oliver- Osoyoos Wine Country.

At Road 13, it’s ‘all about the dirt’ and the menu of seated wine tastings and vineyard experiences is your chance to dig right in. Seating is limited so choose your own adventure and save yourself a seat. We can’t wait to give you a taste of this magic place.

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