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Rustic Roots Winery is part of Harkers’ 5th Generation Organic Family Farm in the heart of Cawston. All of their wines and ciders are produced with 100% Certified Organic tree fruits allowing them to create a value added product while sustaining local food.

We are located in the heart of beautiful Cawston BC – otherwise known as the Organic Farm Capital of Canada! Join us as we celebrate five generations of family farming… working on six! We invite you to take a journey through our multifaceted family business where you will find information on our organic produce, our delicious organic fruit wines and ciders (out of our very own Rustic Roots Winery & Cidery), our in house Barn Door Bistro menu, our Retail Market, our Online Store and more!

Our mandate here on our multi-generational farm is sustainability! Situated just behind our winery’s location lives our beautiful 30-acre Organic Farm where we produce a variety of ground crops and tree fruits. In order to create a secure, sustainable food system, instead of pulling out 30 acres of food to plant grapes, we decided to make wine and cider with the fruit we have at our fingertips. Packing fruit for 30 Organic farmers results in a plethora of organic number two fruit, not sellable on the fresh fruit market but perfect for value-added such as wines, ciders, and preserves.  This allows us to ensure that the family farms we work with are able to create a sustainable future and allows us to reduce food waste. Our award-winning Rustic Roots Winery & Cidery utilizes the beautiful organic fruit of the Similkameen Valley! 

The Rustic Roots Logo depicts the Snow Apple (Fameuse) tree that was planted in 1916 by Harker’s Organic’s second generation. This tree still stands on the farm today and is an inspiration for the top portion of the Rustic Roots logo. The bottom portion of the logo represents the six roots (or generations) that have been involved in the hard work and perseverance that has led us to where we are today!

In further maintaining sustainability and good health, each and every one of our organic fruit wines and ciders is VEGAN and GLUTEN FREE (see Additionally, we use lightweight, endurable and recycled glass wine bottles as well as recycled corks and compostable 6-pack holders for all of our canned ciders!

Please contact us for information regarding onsite weddings at our rustic family farm. We are able to host 50-200 people and offer onsite catering as well as offsite wedding catering.

Through our Barn Door Bistro, we offer corporate and private catering ranging from small personal events to large celebrations (such as weddings, reunions, etc.). Contact us for more information!

Barn Door Bistro – Our mandate here on our multi-generational farm is sustainability. Everything served in our bistro is entirely in line with the values we have held over the generations! We are fiercely dedicated to wild, organic, local and sustainable food. We work directly with local farms and producers within the BC region to ensure that our menu has the smallest ecological footprint possible. For over five generations we have been a home for the growth and production of sustainable food. Now, we are pleased to offer online orders and pick ups at our storefront location in Cawston, BC.

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