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sẁiẁs Provincial Park (Haynes Point)

Camping and RV:

sẁiẁs Provincial Park is proudly managed and operated by the Osoyoos Indian Band.

sẁiẁs park is located within the traditional territory of the Osoyoos Indian Band. Since time immemorial, the Osoyoos Indian Band’s Okanagan ancestors have inhabited and cared for the lands and waters within their traditional territory.

In 2015, the park was renamed to reflect the traditional Okanagan place name for the area. The nqilxʷcən/nsyilxcən place name and history of sẁiẁs have been passed down for thousands of years through the oral tradition of capti’kʷl stories and teachings.

sẁiẁs sounds similar to “s-wee-yous” and means a place where it is shallow or narrow in the middle of the lake. The place name explains how the area was used to cross Osoyoos Lake by foot or by horse.

Lakeside campsites and privacy make this one of the most popular provincial parks in the province. Campers are encouraged to book reservations early in the season to secure campsites during the busy summer months.


Day Use:

Swiws is open throughout the year for people of all ages to discover.

Known far and wide for how unique this provincial park is, Swiws is a provincial park on a peninsula that extends out 1km into Osoyoos Lake. The main loop trail fully paved, so it acts as an outstanding option to bike to from locations in town. The park also is home to a wetland trail, providing access to the habitat of the many types of birds and wildlife that live in the biome.

The park is open for day use to the public, offering options for swimming or picnicking along the rocky shores. Day trippers have access to the parks facilities including parking, picnic tables, washrooms, and change house.


Getting Here