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Launched in 2023, Sharpe Distillery is the product of many years of planning and hard work, all fueled by a desire to honour the Sharpe family’s rich tradition and legacy within their local community.

More than just another faceless whiskey brand, Sharpe Distillery invites you to belly up and become part of the family as you learn about an authentic history that runs as deep in the distilling industry as it does in the area where the product is made.

Steeped in history without being stuck in the past, we craft our spirits using tried-and-true methods but with an eye toward innovation and experimentation.

We are proud of where we come from in Cawston, which is why we strive to use nothing but the best of what’s around in our very own backyard – including water from the Similkameen River.

With spirits ranging from unaged rye whiskeys to botanical gins, to cherry vodkas, Sharpe Distillery is sure to offer something for everyone.

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