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Stoneboat is an entirely family owned and operated artisan winery on the South Okanagan’s Black Sage Gravelbar. Our hands guide the entire winegrowing cycle: we grow our own vines from cuttings, see the vines through harvest and make our wines from their fruit. Our focus is on producing small lots of premium Pinot wines. Stoneboat wines derive their vivid character from the rocky, calcium rich benches where our family has grown grapes for over 30 years. Our vines thrive atop hundreds of feet of stones, producing fruit of exceptional concentration and character. Here we strive to farm thoughtfully and respectfully, creating wines that are distinct, honest, and above all, true to their origins in our vineyards.

Because of their southwestern exposure our vineyards enjoy intense heat during the day and develop rich, earthy fruit flavours. Because of their slightly lower elevation, our nights are very cool during the summer, which provides a resting period for the vines and encourages crisp acidity. The diurnal shift between the late afternoon and early morning can be as high as 25¼ C. Cooler mornings bring mist from the old Okanagan river that in itself has a distinct effect on our vineyards. This phenomenon is vital to the balance of our fruit; it ensures ripe, richly flavoured fruit without the loss of acidity that can occur when nighttime temperatures remain high.

We are the first winery in BC to make charmat method sparkling wine. We have three bubbly’s in the line up-Piano Brut, Rose Brut, and Bubble Boat Brut. Still wines include, single varietal Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir and Pinotage. We also produce rose, white and red blends and two icewines.

We are currently offering two tasting experiences to get to know us and our wines:

Quick & Casual – $5*  (complimentary for Pinot Club members)
Join us for a casual 15-20 minute tasting that includes a selection of 4 of our wines.

Premium Seated Tasting – $10*  (complimentary for Pinot Club members)
A more intimate outdoor experience with plenty of time to ask questions and chat with us. Join us for a 30-45 minute seated tasting under our patio vines that will include a selection of 5 of our wines, including one of our coveted reserves.

*Tasting fees are not waived with purchase at this time.


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