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Five Instagram-worthy photo locations in Osoyoos

At all seasons throughout the year, Osoyoos offers some of the most beautiful views in the South Okanagan.

Whether you are a local or a visitor, there are multiple spots around the region that are worthy of stopping by in order to get a perfect snap or two for your personal social channels.

So don’t worry, if you are feeling a little bleh and uninspired about your Instagram content lately we’ve got you covered.

Destination Osoyoos has rounded up five Instagram-worthy spots in and around our town that you absolutely need on your feed.

Here are a few suggestions for where you can go in order to step up your game and catch your followers’ attention.

Spartan Drive Angel Wings Mural

This vibrant and beautiful mural is literally a hidden gem in downtown Osoyoos – tucked into the alley just around the corner from Art Therapy Corp and Wide Arts Gallery. It’s definitely worth a stop, as these wings make for the perfect photo op.

While the wings mural is one of our favourites, there are multiple painted walls throughout Osoyoos, including the well-recognized piece that adorns the side of the Pioneer Car Wash building and is visible from Highway 3.

Any of these colourful murals are sure to bring a splash of vibrancy to any feed.

The piece, painted by Adi Di Castro (featured in the photo above), can be found on Spartan Drive, between Main Street and 78th Avenue.

Pro Tip: While many people want to shoot murals straight on, try positioning yourself at a 45-degree angle and try capturing from different heights, both low and high, for a different feel.

Anarchist Mountain Viewpoint

Left image courtesy of @tonyranzhai on Instagram

Anarchist Mountain Lookout is a stunning viewpoint located just outside of Osoyoos. Rising 1,491 metres (4,892 ft) above sea level, Anarchist Mountain offers panoramic views of Osoyoos Lake, the town, as well as South towards Washington State and the Town of Oroville, WA.

Any viewpoint of this nature is stunning, but the best thing about Anarchist is it only takes a short drive to get to and no hiking is required.

To access this spot, head east on Highway 3 from Osoyoos and follow the switchbacking roadway for approximately 7 km until you reach the area to safely pull off on the right-hand side. Viewpoint signs will prompt you as you head to this area.

You can also continue around the corner from the viewpoint a little further up the road and you will find another view which features a sign welcoming you to Osoyoos. Gram-worthy? We think so.

Pro Tip: The best time to go for photos during the summer months is between 5:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. You will get a more attractive photo if it is a sunny day but there are multiple clouds in the sky for the sun to peek through or reflect off of.

Pro Tip #2: While the lake view will certainly catch your attention, we also recommend using a subject in front of the winding road off to the right of your view.

Vineyards and Orchards

Left image courtesy of on IG // Right image courtesy of @geebird11 on IG

This might feel like a copout because vineyards and orchards are not one place specifically, but if you are looking for an Instagram-worthy photo, you can never go wrong in one of these places.

With the valley speckled with vineyards and orchards as far as the eye can see, take some time driving around and seeking out some that present different contours.

Finding vineyards that slope towards Osoyoos Lake will offer you an incredible backdrop for a photo, while others might present the mountains or more vineyards in the distance.

Pro Tip: Try sending a subject down one of the rows of grape vines and shoot as they walk away from you and then, after several steps, have them turn around and walk towards you. This will give you a variety of looks and distances to find the perfect snap.

Pro Tip #2: Again, it is common to shoot straight down the rows but change it up and try shooting with your camera angled so the grape vines form more of a diagonal in your picture. This changes up from the ordinary and can make for a neat shot!

Osoyoos Desert Centre Boardwalk

A boardwalk running through the desert is an absolute must for any photographer looking for a gram-worthy photo.

The long-running parallel lines of the boardwalk draw the eyes in and the South Okanagan hills, surrounded by desert vegetation create an appealing set of colours and tones to enhance the vibe of your feed.

The Osoyoos Desert Centre is an outdoor interpretive facility that features a newly renovated boardwalk that spans a total of 1.5 km.

You also might be lucky to spot some of the wildlife that calls Osoyoos home, which can also be very worthy of pictures!

Pro Tip: Due to the nature of the desert colours, direct sunlight overhead makes for the least flattering light. It is recommended that you visit the centre earlier in the day or towards closing time, which is at 4 p.m.

La Stella Winery

All of the wineries around the Osoyoos area offer some incredible scenery and photo options, but we particularly like La Stella.

Situated right beside the lake, the architecture and feel of this property will transport you and your images to something that feels like the Italian countryside.

High arching ceilings with open-aired windows allow for great indoor shots, while the landscape around the winery itself is perfect for capturing subjects in front of awe-inspiring backgrounds, whether those subjects be oak barrels, people, or bottles of wine.

This spot is a must-visit while you are in town in order to add to your feed!

Pro Tip: There are many ways to get a great photo while on this property and it is worth exploring around the winery, both inside and out, as well as through the vineyards and landscape to find inspiration!