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This new Osoyoos restaurant is serving up meat and other cuisine stuffed inside baked potatoes

When most people think of steak, they usually don’t think of it being served inside of a baked potato, however, one new restaurant in Osoyoos might start changing people’s minds.

Introducing MIKs Food Studio, an American—Mediterranean fast food restaurant that has moved into a space along Main Street and is selling what are known as “potato steaks.”

MIKs uses baked potatoes as the base of most of its dishes, cutting them open and filling them with meat and vegetables to create one of the more radical fast food dishes you will find in Osoyoos.

Courtesy: MIKs Food Studio

The potatoes are covered with butter and cheese and coupled with tender, juicy, seasoned meat, caramelized onions and homemade garlic sauce.

Options to complete your potato dish include striploin steak, chicken bites, ground beef skewers or mushrooms — and that is just for lunch and dinner.

Konul Mammadov, owner and founder of Miks Food Studio alongside his partner Ilia, notes the creation was inspired by a Turkish-style baked potato while adding a North American twist with the meat toppings.

The couple, who originally hails from Azerbaijan, arrived in Osoyoos back in September of 2020 and were finally able to open the doors to their dream food venture in March of this year as COVID restrictions began to loosen.

Konul says he enjoyed mixing food together when he was growing up, which ultimately led to the concept and of course, the application of the word “potato steak” — a creation which you will be hard-pressed to find elsewhere in B.C. outside of Osoyoos at this time.

Courtesy: MIKs Food Studio

While potato steaks are the staple of this Osoyoos food studio, they are just one of the many unique items that make up the restaurant’s menu. Just before the start of summer, MIKs added potato steak breakfast options to go along with items such as crispy potato sticks with garlic mayo and — if you want to avoid the baked potatoes altogether — grilled wraps, eggplant rolls and a variety of salad and vegetable dishes.

For anyone hoping to make a trip down to MIKs Food Studio, it is located at 8129 Main Street.

You are also able to order from the restaurant online.

Courtesy: MIKs Food Studio