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Spring blossoms in Osoyoos

Osoyoos in Bloom: The Best Time to See Spring Blossoms in Osoyoos

With our desert climate, spring always comes early in Osoyoos with a spectacular spectacle of blooming fruit trees. The best time to see spring blossoms in Osoyoos starts in late March. Bask in the valley’s orchard palate of peach and nectarine petals, pink bouquets of apricot blossoms, and white flashes of apple trees.

Drivers, bicyclists, and photographers can all revel in the floral glory of this colorful spectacle throughout the South Okanagan and Similkameen valleys year after year. Here’s a guide for the best times to catch the different types of blossoms in full bloom!

Spring blossoms in Osoyoos orchard

Here are some of the best times to see spring blossoms in Osoyoos:

Cherries and Osoyoos go hand-in-hand. Cherries produce the first fresh fruit of the season. The light to soft-pink blossoms begins to form in late March to mid-April.

Can’t wait to bite into a juicy, fresh-from-the-farm Apricot? Apricot trees blossom white to pale pink in mid-to-late-April.

Who hasn’t had the singular experience of biting into a ripe peach, with sticky juices running down your chin? The pink blossoms of the peach tree begin in late April and early May.

The white flowers of the Pear tree bloom between late April and early May.

In Osoyoos, Plums begin to show off their white blossoms in mid April through early May.

More than 100 varieties of apple are grown in North America, and in BC, 98% of apples are grown in the Okanagan! Stop at a local fruit stand to buy them by the bag, or enjoy a hard cider at one of our esteemed cideries: there are so many ways to enjoy Okanagan apples! Look for the beautiful white blossoms found in early to mid-May.

For more information on fruit tree blooms and fruit harvest times for Osoyoos and the Okanagan, download this helpful fruit bloom and harvest guide and be sure to stop at one of our many local fruit stands so you can reap the bounty of Osoyoos and the South Okanagan!