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Six Reasons You Should Travel to Osoyoos This Spring

Spring is right around the corner and after a long winter, a trip is in order, so who is ready for an escape to the South Okanagan?

Here are six reasons why you should consider heading to Osoyoos in the spring.

The Weather

If you need only one reason to visit Osoyoos, it has to be for the spring weather. April’s average daytime high is around 18C, May’s average is 22C, and June’s average is 26C — temperatures that are just right.

Osoyoos get notably less rainfall than coastal areas like Vancouver as well.

Spring is early enough in the year that visitors will beat the heat waves of the summer, but far enough into the year that there won’t be chances of snowfall either.

Spring is the optimal time for exploring some of the local hiking trails or getting into the nearby hills for some mountain biking.

The Blossoms

With our desert climate, spring always comes early in Osoyoos than other areas in the province with a spectacular spectacle of blooming fruit trees. The best time to see spring blossoms in Osoyoos starts in late March. If you visit the area, you will be able to bask in the valley’s orchard palate of peach and nectarine petals, pink bouquets of apricot blossoms, and white flashes of apple trees.

Drivers, bicyclists, and photographers can all revel in the floral glory of this colourful spectacle throughout the South Okanagan and Similkameen valleys year after year.

If you are looking for a guide for the best times to catch the different types of blossoms in full bloom, click here!

The Wine

Spring is also a wonderful time of year to explore the world-class wineries that surround Osoyoos and here is the best part, there are limited waits!

Wineries that closed down for the winter will resume operations and open up their tasting rooms once again and new wines from the previous harvest will be available, with minimal risk of having sold out.

Spring is warm enough that visitors will be able to even sip out on patios and not have to worry about finding a seat, as there won’t be the summer crowds yet.

Sprinkle in the tapestry of pinks and purples covering the hills from the blossoms and some would argue that your view from certain wineries is better in the spring as well.

The Savings

Spring is considered shoulder season in Osoyoos and you can often find cheaper rates or even package deals at hotels, wineries or attractions.

By beating the busy season, you will have your choice of accommodation without the worry of places being fully booked up. To find any packages that may be currently offered, check out our Travel Deals here.

The Golf

For all the golfers out there, during Osoyoos’ spring, golf makes a triumphant return!

Courses open as early as March and it doesn’t take long for the season to get into full swing.

Osoyoos has two elite golf courses with another two in the neighbouring region, creating plenty of opportunities to play a round or simply hit some balls and shake off the off-season rust.

Finding a tee time isn’t as hard in spring as it is in summer and due to the comfortable weather, you can play throughout the day and not worry about the heat!

The Lake

Of course, we have to mention Osoyoos Lake.

Spring is the perfect time to walk the lakeside trails and soak up the serene settings. The spring is also perfect for kayaking, SUP, boating, and more!

Osoyoos Lake — considered the warmest lake in Canada — has long been one of the biggest draws of the town and spring is as good a time as any to take it in.