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The Best Spots to Bird in Osoyoos

Osoyoos is one of British Columbia’s birding capitals. With our unique desert landscape, warmer temperatures, and rural setting, we have many species of birds that you can find on or off the beaten path!

What kinds of birds are in Osoyoos?
Hummingbirds, Osprey, California Quail, White-throated swifts, Great Horned Owls, Western Bluebirds, Red-Tailed Hawks, and Golden Eagles are just a couple of the unique birds that you can find throughout the South Okanagan.

Here are some of the top spots in and around Osoyoos to catch a glimpse at some of British Columbia’s beloved creatures: 

Haynes Point Provincial Park is located 2 km (1.25 mi) south of Osoyoos. Upon arriving to the park, you have two choices: you can walk the length of the point, which is a paved, accessible path. Or, enjoy the wetland trail which has footbridges & raised boardwalk sections over the lower lying gravel areas. An information kiosk is located at the beginning of the park and provides excellent information on the history of the park in addition to the local wildlife. Please note that while the park is dog friendly (dogs must remain on leash) the wetland trail is not in order to promote preservation of the trail’s surroundings.

Located a short, scenic drive through Oliver-Osoyoos wine country, the Osoyoos Oxbows at Road 22 is another great spot for birding. The wetlands are located in the centre of the valley, with rolling hills surrounding farmland and march. An information kiosk and parking area is found at the Okanagan River Bridge. Walking south towards lake Osoyoos, you can access the Oxbows and spot the many birds that frequent the area. Alternatively, if you hike (or cycle) north along the International Hike and Bike trail, you’ll follow the river channel for 18 km (11 mi) to McAlpine Bridge north of Oliver and can view the abundance of wildlife along the way!

Vaseaux Lake, located approximately 34 km north of Osoyoos on Highway 97 is a birders haven. Motorized watercraft is restricted which allows for minimal noise and disruption on the lake. Surrounded by beautiful grasslands, the 400-m (1,300-ft) boardwalk trail leads you from the parking lot towards the lake, with informational kiosks explaining the local wildlife. At the end of the boardwalk, birders will find the observation tower and bird blind great for setting up to spot their favourite feathered friends.

 These are just a couple of the best spots to bird in Osoyoos. Be sure to check out our full list of walking and hiking trails to explore some more of our nature offerings!


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