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The Local’s List: Nine Osoyoos Winter Recommendations from the local community

This winter in Osoyoos and the surrounding areas, get ready for the sounds of clinking glasses, crunchy snow underfoot and the satisfying swoosh of ski edges gliding through powder – because that’s what the locals are doing.

Whether you are new in town, just visiting or seeking out a new activity, there is no better way to get the information you need than by consulting those who know the Town best: The Locals.

We’ve curated a list of some local-favourite winter activities, sourced through the Destination Osoyoos Instagram page, to help keep you busy during the offseason.

So if you’ve ever wondered what the Osoyoos locals are doing, you’ll find us:

Visiting Baldy Mountain Resort

Baldy Mountain Resort is a staple amongst locals and a favourite place to visit during the winter months.

Outside of offering plenty of powder for the mountain shredders out there, Baldy is the hub of a variety of winter activities, that don’t all require you to be able to ski.

Visitors to Baldy Mountain Resort can ski and snowboard, snowshoe, cross-country ski, play disc golf and more.

A trip up the mountain is a certified fresh local Osoyoos favourite and a must-do for anyone staying in town.

Sipping Hot Chocolate in a Junction 3 Igloo

Courtesy: Junction 3 Coffeehouse

If you have driven along Highway 3 in Osoyoos, you’ve most certainly seen them, but seeing them isn’t experiencing them.

Locals in town will tell you that on a crisp sunny winter morning, nothing quite beats cozying up in one of the iconic winter igloos at Junction 3 Coffeehouse and sipping on a nice hot chocolate.

If hot chocolate isn’t quite your speed, you can always stick with a great cup of coffee or try something more seasonal like a peppermint mocha!

Cheering on the Osoyoos Coyotes at a Hockey Game

Courtesy: Jen Jensen Photography via @osoyooscoyotes on IG

In Canada, we always love our local hockey team and that is no different in Osoyoos during the winter season.

The Osoyoos Coyotes are a Junior “B” Hockey Club that plays in the Kootenay International Junior Hockey League (KIJHL).

On game day, locals flock to Sun Bowl Arena to take in the action at the rink and cheer on the ‘Desert Dogs.’ It is definitely worth the price of admission!

A full schedule for the hockey club can be found on the team’s website here.

Going For a Winter Walk

Courtesy: @geebird11 on IG

Whether it is your first time in Osoyoos or you’ve been here 1,000 times, it is always worth taking a walk down by the lake – a favourite local activity.

In the winter, things look slightly different than in the summer, but that doesn’t make a walk any less worth your while!

Locals will recommend bundling up and getting outside on one of the sunny winter days that follow a day of snow. If you can catch such an occasion, the sun gleams off the lake and the surrounding desert hills are covered in a stunning blanket of white – a sight you don’t want to miss!

We recommend strolling along the water at Gyro Park or on the Pioneer Walkway.

Ordering Pizza and Sitting By The Fire

Courtesy: Osoyoos Pizza Factory / IG

If you aren’t looking to bundle up and face the cold temperatures in the wintertime, the local community has a solution for you as well – pizza by your own fire!

Instead of getting outdoors, why not stay warm and save yourself the hassle of cooking by ordering pizza from one of the local shops? Get it delivered from Osoyoos Pizza Factory or Mamis Pizza, or order it to go from the Sage Pub, sit by your own private fire and indulge over a game or movie!

Winter Wine Tasting

Courtesy: Oliver Osoyoos Wine Country

In the summer, it is common at Osoyoos wineries to hear the term “patio pounder” in regard to certain wines but at this time of year, maybe we can start using the term “snow sipper”?

Several of those beloved wineries that visitors frequent during the summer season have kept their tasting rooms open and are worth checking out during the slower winter months!

Trying a nice glass of red while gazing upon barren vineyards, contrasted by a snowy South Okanagan backdrop is a unique experience that locals feel is worth seeking out.

To find out what wineries are open you can visit our ‘What’s Open’ page, however, we still recommend calling in advance to double-check and reserve a spot.

Visiting the Art Galleries and Museum

Taking in some local artists’ work, culture and Osoyoos’ history is one local way to spend a winter day.

Turn back the clock at the Osoyoos & District Museum and Archives or check out some great paintings, photos and sculptures by local artisans at one of our two art galleries: The Art Galley Osoyoos and The Okanagan Art Gallery.

Getting in the Spirits at Tumbleweed Distillery

Tumbleweed Distillery in Osoyoos is a must visit throughout the winter months and is a perfect place to spend an afternoon. Trialing the Apple Pie Moonshine or the Fireweed Whiskey is the perfect way to warm the entire body during a winter day.

Locals also recommend staying for a cocktail or two in the lounge at Tumbleweed Distillery. Be sure to try their Old Fashioned or the Haskap Martini!

Experience Enticing Events

Locals know that Osoyoos and the South Okanagan have plenty of events to keep the winter blues away. Catch a concert, see a play, sit down for a wine seminar, or have fun with a painting class – the events are endless in Osoyoos!